Department :
Name: Dr. Brijeshwar Prasad Oli
Qualification: M.A. PhD.
Areas Of Interest/Specialization: Biodiversity Conservation & Aquafarming in Himalayan Region.
Topic of Research: Ecology of Terrestrial Molluscs in Kumaon Himalayan Region.
No. Of Papers Published: International-06. National- 34. Total- 40.
No. of Conference attended: International-01. National-14.
Special Recognition: *Dr. B.P.Oli das discovered a new species of mollusc from Kumaon Himalayan Forest, which is named after him as "Turcomilax Oli". It is confirmed, accepted and recognised by scientists from 'Natural History Museum London and Poland ( Wiktor et al.) 
                                * Dr. B.P.Oli is the Mentor of Childrens' Science Congress of Champawat district since 2009, which aims to generate scientific temperament and scientific thinking among students from class 6th to 12 th.
 Charges/ Portfolios: * Chief Proctor.
                                  * Superintendent of Exam.                              * Incharge, College Prospectus, I-Card.
                                  * Superintendent , Students' Union.                 * Co- Editor, College Magazine.
                                  * Incharge, Games & Sports.                            * Co-Editor, College Newsletter.
                                  * NSS Programme Officer (Boys Wing)               * Incharge, IPR.
                                   * Secretary, Red Ribbon Club.
                                   * Coordinator, Uttarakhand Open University.
                                   * Incharge, EDUSAT.
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