Department :
Name :- Dr. Tanuja Bisht
Designation :- Asstt. Professor ( Chemistry)
Qualifications :- NET, PhD.
Topic of Thesis: Synthesis of Calix[4]arene, thiacalix-[4]-arenes and related Compound and their applications in Supramolecular Chemistry.
                            Under the able Supervision of- Prof. S.M.S.Chauhan, Delhi University.
Postdoc Fellow- Topic- "Mimicking Biomacromolecular Chemistry and Beyond.
                                      Under the able Supervision of- Prof. T.Y.Luh.
                                       National Taiwan University.    Year- 2010-2011.

Number of Research Papers Published: International 15

Number of Seminar/Workshops/conferences attended :-08.

Incharge/Portfolios- * Asst Superintendent (Examinations)
                                    * Reading Room.
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