1. LIBRARY AND READING ROOM- The college library is a major asset which the college can proudly boast of. Enriched with classics and contemporary books staked side by side the library has not so big yet relevant collection of books which are imparted to students and staff liberally. A reading room is attached to library so as to enable the students and teachers likewise to make an optimum utilization of their spare time. For this purpose umpteen journals and fortnightlies are available .
  3. NAAC AND IQAC-An internal quality assessment cell has been established in the college to enhance the quality of education and bring about a multi dimensional growth in it. Genuine efforts are being made by the college to get accreditation from the prestigious NAAC and a very near future will hold a testimony to it.
  4. PROJECT SHIKHAR- It is an ambitious plan of Aptech to bring computer education to your door step. The college students are provided with a computer lab  which is connected by LAN(local area network).The project enables college students to enroll into various professional courses along with their college education.
  5. EDUSAT -The college has all the necessary infrastructure and equipments for running classes through satellite. This innovative technique will enable students of far flung areas to connect and learn what is taught by the subject specialists.
  6. SCIENCE LABS- The college labs are well quipped with the necessary apparatus and materials and are being updated yearly as per funds availability.
  7. NATURE CLUB- A nature club is formed in the college with the obvious reason that the college thrives in the vicinity of nature. And being  so close to nature we are duty bound to safeguard it. The club helps to generate environmental awareness among students through participation in various activities in and around the college.
  8. SC/ST/OBC SCHOLARSHIP: Scholarships are provided to the students of the said categories by the social welfare department. The amount is account payee so students are advised to open a savings account in the Nainital Bank to avail of the grant.

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